Does BioSil have an effect on facial hair?

The ingredients of BioSil have been studied in human clinical trials. Some of these trials focused on investigating BioSil's effects specifically on beauty-related parameters for women. All side effects were carefully monitored. There were no record of any increased facial hair growth caused by BioSil in any of these studies. All these studies were done by top experts at independent research institutes (e.g., universities), and the results were published in peer-reviewed medical journals. 

In addition to these controlled clinical studies and investigations, it is important to underline that BioSil has been sold since 1995 (in North America and Europe) and that there has never been any complaints related to facial hair growth. Generally, facial hair growth in women is related to hormonal changes. Such changes cause fine, barely noticeable hairs to become thicker, more noticeable. But BioSil does not have an effect on hormone metabolism, and therefore, it does not cause such a change in facial hair growth to occur.

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